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31 Mar

Blogging has been an obsession this month. Here are the things that I have accomplished for my blogs (not including this one).


  1. I have written 57 articles for my three blogs namely Mathematics and Multimedia, School of Freebies,and GeoGebra Applet Central.
  2. I have created accounts for Twitter and constructed Facebook Pages for each of them.
  3. I have connected my blogs to Twitter and Facebook via Twittefeed. Every post on my blogs is automatically posted on their corresponding Twitter and Facebook pages (wanna know how?).
  4. I have integrated Google Adsense, Skimlinks and Amazon affiliates.


  1. For Math and Multimedia about 40,000 hits, and 21 additional subscribers.
  2. For School of Freebies (it was just started on March 15), about 900 hits and 36 new subscribers
  3. For  GeoGebraCentral about 1200 hits and 27 subscribers, but I messed up the RSS feed, so back to 0.

Conquer: $6.32 (March 15-31). 😀

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Photo Credit: Xurble (Flicker)

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